In the frame of the applied statistics’ seminary organised by the INED Center in Paris, September 15th, we gave a talk on the visualisation and network analysis of scientific networks.

Other speakers (Thomas Louail, Julien Brailly, Fabien Eloire, Camille Roth, Pierre Latouche, Christophe Prieur and Pascal Cristofoli) presented on other aspects of network analysis and you can download the program by following this link:

The abstract of the presentation on scientific network is the following: First, the presentation deals with the study of scientific dynamics measured through the evolution of co-publication links between urban areas at the world level. After a brief presentation of the general methodology, we see that the trends previously identified by analysing the world network of scientific collaborations -polycentrism, higher cohesion of national and macro-regional areas- have continued until the most recent years (2007-2014). Second, the main issues and challenges regarding the visualisation of international and intercity links are put under scrutiny. We focus on the complementarity between flow maps and node-links diagrams.

You can find the slides of this presentation bellow: