Our first public presentation of the NETCONF project results was given on the occasion of the special session on the analysis of multimode and affiliation networks (actor-event networks) organised in cooperation with Zachary Neal, Bruce Sagan, Rachel Domagalski (Michigan State University, East Lansing), Giancarlo Ragozini (University of Naples Federico II, Naples), Maria Prosperina Vitale, and Giuseppe Giordano (University of Salerno, Fisciano). This special session was held in the framework of the SUNBELT International Conference on Network Analysis. Initially scheduled to take place in June 2020 in Paris, the conference was postponed to July 2020 and was held in a virtual format.

The support for our presentation entitled “Analysing panel co-attendance in scientific conferences. A new avenue to explore academic sociality” can be viewed below and downloaded here.

The R code used to generate the results presented in this paper as well as the data have been made fully accessible on two Github spaces: on the one hand, the code and data allowing the analysis of the green chemistry conference and on the other hand, that of the political science conference.