The NETCONF project is one of the spin-offs of the project that created the geoscimo family of websites. The GEOSCIMO website was born as a result of the development of a methodology to geographically map bibliographic data at the level of urban agglomerations on a global scale. This methodology was then used in several derivative projects. NETCONF is one of them. Here is a list of other projects associated with this family.

Current Projects

The NETSCITY web application development project for spatial processing and mapping of science data – NETSCITY project coordinated by Marion Maisonobe, Guillaume Cabanac and Laurent Jégou – FMSH and Labex SMS

The POPSU Roscoff project to study the scientific networks of the city of Roscoff and the integration of the city into the territory of the Pays de Morlaix –  founded by PUCA – coordinated by Josselin Tallec

A bibliometric study of science in the Occitania Region, commissioned by the Region – coordinated by the young academic company Échelles et Territoires (Brice Navereau and Nathalie Chauvac)

A project to explore spatial clustering methods with the SPAGREG tool to propose new adapted and automatic urban delimitations based on seedlings of points taken from data from worldwide scientific activity – coordinated by Laurent Jégou, with Françoise Bahoken and the participation of MASTER SIGMA students

The CITYSCIENCE project with the University of Edinburgh on the geography of research in the UK and the place of the city of Edinburgh in Scottish, British and global cooperation networks – focus on the special case of data science at the local level –  with Niki Vermeulen and Fumi Kitagawa

A bibliometric study on the development of data science and the relations between this emerging field and the field of urban modelling – Labex Futurs Urbains – Ville et Numérique Research group

A bibliometric study dealing with the structuration of a french network in green chemistry between scientists located in Poitiers, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, La Rochelle and Rennes – Consortium of the CNRS INCREASE

Past Projects

A bibliometric study dealing with the integration of the arctic area into the world network of scientific collaborations, by Laurent Beauguitte and Marion Maisonobe in 2016-2017 – ANR project PUR (Pôles Urbains)

A bibliometric study dealing with the Pyrenees between 1880 and 2016: a fieldwork between constraints and possibilities, with Caroline Barrera, Marion Maisonobe and Michel Grossetti in 2015-2018 –  PASTEL (Patrimoine Scientifique Toulousain et Environnement Local) project coordinated by Muriel Lefebvre and Anne-Claire Jolivet

The study of the geographical expansion of a scientific specialty: DNA Repair (Maisonobe, Giglia-Mari and Eckert, 2011-2015) – doctoral thesis of Marion Maisonobe related to the ANR Géoscience project