The team was formed with the GIS “Réseau Urfist” project named NETCONF (2019-2021).

Other research projects have been initiated in parallel, including the NETSCITY project to develop a web application for spatial processing of science data. See the Parallel Projects page of this site.

The GEOSCIMO website is maintained by Marion Maisonobe (UMR Géographie-cités) and Laurent Jégou (UMR LISST).

General coordination:

The team is based in Paris – Aubervilliers at the Laboratoire Géographie-cités (UMR 8504), in Poitiers at the Laboratoire CRIEF and under the sponsorship of the INCREASE federation, as well as at the Université Catholique de Lille.

The project is co-led by Bastien Bernela (CRIEF, Univ. Poitiers), Marion Maisonobe (Géographie-cités, CNRS, Paris) & François Briatte (European School of Political Sciences, Lille)

Institutional partners and project members:

  • CESSP (UMR CNRS, Université Paris 1): Thibaud Boncourt, MCF in political science
  • CRIEF (EA, Univ. Poitiers): Bastien Bernela, MCF in economics
  • ELICO (EA, Univ. of Lyon): Mariannig Le Béchec, MCF in SIC   co-leader of URFIST Lyon
  • ESPOL-LAB (Catholic Univ. of Lille): François Briatte, Maître-assistant in political science
  • Géographie-cités (UMR CNRS, Univ. Paris 1): Marion Maisonobe, CR CNRS in geography; Aïssa Toumi, intern in the laboratory from April 2021 to September 2021; Denis Eckert, DR CNRS in geography; Mégane Fernandez, doctoral student in geography (in progress)
  • INCREASE (FR CNRS): François Jérôme, DR CNRS in chemistry