Several results are already available online and formatted, others are still in the pre-design stage.

The NETCONF Project is based on a collaborative effort to format a common bibliography on the subject of congresses and conferences. This bibliography includes references from different social science disciplines and from different eras. The study of conferences is not a new practice and there are already traces of it in the history of science. The bibliography also includes more methodologically oriented references, such as literature on network analysis. It can be accessed at the following link:

Your contributions are welcome.

The research conducted within the NETCONF project has already been the subject of two public presentations.

A presentation in 2021 at the LISIS laboratory seminar, Université Gustave Eiffel:

  • Maisonobe Marion, Aïssa Toumi and Briatte François. 2021. Methods and issues in the study of speaker networks: the case of political science and green chemistry. Seminar of the LISIS research laboratory.

A presentation in 2020 at the special session on multimode networks of the SUNBELT International Network Analysis Conference:

  • Briatte François and Marion Maisonobe. 2020. Analysing panel co-attendance in scientific conferences. A new avenue to explore academic socialitySunbelt 2020. Virtual session on bipartite networks and projections. Empirical insights from bipartite and multiparty networks URL:

The initial findings on the biannual political science conference (AFSP) have previously been presented in posts in the Polibistro Hypothesis research blog: