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Research Day ‘Scientific Conferences and

Research Day ‘Scientific Conferences and Scholarly Networks’, Dec 8, 2021

The research day Scientific Conferences and Scholarly Networks organized on December 8, 2021 at the Campus Condorcet was held in the amphitheater of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (MSH Paris Nord). A part of the audience followed the day remotely. This event was funded by the GIS Réseau URFIST (NETCONF project) and the Transversalité […]

NETCONF presentation at the research lab...

NETCONF presentation at the research lab seminar of the LISIS, May 2021

On the occasion of the LISIS laboratory seminar, we have been invited to present the ongoing research carried out within the NETCONF project. Aïssa Toumi, intern on the project from April to September 2021, participated in the preparation of this presentation. The format (1 hour presentation and 1 hour of questions) allowed for a comprehensive […]

Intervention at the ENSAE School on the ...

Intervention at the ENSAE School on the geography of science, March 2021

On March 31, 2021, a session of Paola Tubaro and Floriana Gargiulo’s Social Network Analysis (SNA) course at the ENSAE School was open to three external interventions aimed at showing applications to recent research of network analysis methods. The session included: – A presentation by Gianluca Manzo, Research Fellow in Analytical Sociology at GEMASS about […]

NETCONF presentation, SUNBELT 2020 speci...

NETCONF presentation, SUNBELT 2020 special session on multimode networks, July 2020

Our first public presentation of the NETCONF project results was given on the occasion of the special session on the analysis of multimode and affiliation networks (actor-event networks) organised in cooperation with Zachary Neal, Bruce Sagan, Rachel Domagalski (Michigan State University, East Lansing), Giancarlo Ragozini (University of Naples Federico II, Naples), Maria Prosperina Vitale, and […]

Kick-off meeting of the NETCONF project,...

Kick-off meeting of the NETCONF project, November 2019

The kick-off meeting of the NETCONF project – Scientific Networks and Congresses “Understanding the effect of congresses on the dynamics of scientific networks” was held on 22 November 2019 in Paris at the Institut de Géographie de la Sorbonne. The meeting brought together Bastien Bernela, project co-leader (MCF at the University of Poitiers), Thibaud Boncourt […]

The analysis and visualisation of the wo...

The analysis and visualisation of the world scientific networks (INED, Paris, 2017)

In the frame of the applied statistics’ seminary organised by the INED Center in Paris, September 15th, we gave a talk on the visualisation and network analysis of scientific networks. Other speakers (Thomas Louail, Julien Brailly, Fabien Eloire, Camille Roth, Pierre Latouche, Christophe Prieur and Pascal Cristofoli) presented on other aspects of network analysis and […]