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The analysis and visualisation of the wo...

The analysis and visualisation of the world scientific networks (INED, Paris, 2017)

In the frame of the applied statistics’ seminary organised by the INED Center in Paris, September 15th, we gave a talk on the visualisation and network analysis of scientific networks. Other speakers (Thomas Louail, Julien Brailly, Fabien Eloire, Camille Roth, Pierre Latouche, Christophe Prieur and Pascal Cristofoli) presented on other aspects of network analysis and […]

Panel on “Internationalization of Scient

Panel on “Internationalization of Scientific Research”

In september 2016, a special issue of the Revue française de sociologie on the internationalization of scientific research has been released. This special issue has been coordinated by Michel Dubois, Yves Gingras and Claude Rosental. To mark this occasion, a roundtable discussion bringing together several contributors to the issue has been organized at EHESS in Paris […]

Second European Conference on Social Net...

Second European Conference on Social Networks

The second european conference on social networks has been organized by the Groupement de Recherche Analyse de Réseayx en SHS (AR-SHS) in June 2016 in Paris. A special session coordinated by Marion Maisonobe and Laurent Beauguitte dealt with networks and globalization. Here is the talk given during this session on the topic of scientific cooperation […]